Huge Long-Term Benefits of Fixed Fee IT Services in Los Angeles

Huge Long-Term Benefits of Fixed Fee IT Services in Los Angeles

If your business currently depends on an IT support provider whose services are contracted on an hourly basis, your company could be missing out on a powerful opportunity to both reduce the cost of IT services in Los Angeles and strengthen your IT overall.

The Hourly Conflict of Interest

The bottom line is that, with any service provided on an hourly basis, there’s a certain conflict between your company's need to minimize costs and the provider’s need to maximize revenue. If anything, the provider has an incentive to spend more time on each visit. Furthermore, there’s no incentive for the provider to take any steps that might mitigate problems with your IT, thereby reducing the number and length of visits by engineers from the provider's firm over time.

In order for hourly support contracts to work for your company, the provider has to have the utmost professional capability and integrity, as well as the will to forego potential earnings. That isn’t necessarily seen as operating in the best interest of the provider’s bottom line.

This doesn’t mean hourly paid contracts are necessarily bad and it doesn’t mean that service providers working on an hourly basis are unreliable or that they will work against your interests. However, there’s an alternative available for IT services in Los Angeles that potentially offers significant benefits without these risks.

The Attractions of Fixed Fee Contracts

The alternative is a fixed fee contract. When an IT support provider agrees to provide a service for a fixed fee, it’s in the provider’s interest to ensure that all aspects of the contract are negotiated accurately and effectively. The provider wants the client's firm to have a clear understanding of what they’re getting for the fee they’ve agreed to pay. Furthermore, the provider has a huge incentive to ensure that they provide work that is performed efficiently. The provider also has a very big incentive to work for the client in other ways, either by configuring existing systems or by suggesting and even perhaps supplying system upgrades that do a better job of catering to user requirements and providing improved performance.

Even when the IT support provider's services don't necessarily lead to large-scale investment by the client, they may well take proactive steps to help ensure that existing systems are configured properly and kept up-to-date. These efforts from an IT provider with a fixed-fee contract stand to help both the provider and the client. The client enjoys improved systems, less downtime, greater productivity and, likely, reduced costs that go above and beyond any understood gains from the fixed fee contract.

If you’re not currently enjoying the benefits of a fixed fee IT support contract, it’s time to start exploring how your company can use this approach to your advantage. DCG Technical Solutions is highly experienced in offering IT services in Los Angeles on a fixed fee basis. Contact us today for more information on how this can work for your company.