Security Corner – The New Face of Online Security

Security Corner – The New Face of Online Security

In light of all the recent hacks (think Target and Sony, for example), online security has taken a huge step toward putting the emphasis on “security” with its newest revelation: facial recognition.

At CES, Intel discussed its purchase of digital identity manager PasswordBox and unveiled True Key, a password manager app that allows facial recognition to replace passwords on iOS devices, Windows computers, and Android phones.

No Heartbleed at DCG

The newest cyber threat is the appropriately-named "Heartbleed," a serious bug attacking OpenSSL (the open-source encryption protocol). Luckily DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. doesn't use OpenSSL for any of our sites, but some of our clients do. It's important for all of our customers to know that our service has been unaffected by this security breach.

Security Corner – Don’t Let your PC or Mac Fall Victim

Attention PC and Mac users: This applies to all of you.

Important updates have been released by both Adobe and Oracle to fix major security issues with their software. Oracle's Java plugin, as well as Adobe's Acrobat and Adobe Reader, were recently subject to hackers belonging to an Eastern European ring, with as many as 40 companies falling victim to the Java security breach on both Macs and PCs.

Those using Java on Windows systems are advised to remove Java altogether, or at least unplug it from the browser most often used.

Security Corner – Could your business survive if you lost access to your data for a week?

Ask yourself, "Will my business be able to recover all of it's data should a technological or natural disaster occur tomorrow?" Even if your answer is yes, how long will the restore take and will you be operating at 100% as quickly as you would like?

We are forever adjusting our business practices as technology grows, especially with all of the efforts by many clients to go "paperless" with invoicing, correspondence, and even contracts.