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BlaskGuard™ Internet Filter

BlaskGuard™ is a month-to-month service
DCG is changing the way small businesses get the technology they need to secure, monitor and control their networks. We are confident you will recover the cost of this monthly service many times over which is why the BlaskGuard™ Internet Filter is 100% guaranteed. That means, we will discontinue your service and refund you the cost of the current month if you are not completely satisfied.

Daily Reporting:

Discover top 10 websites visited by hits or bytes transferred
Discover top 10 Violators by user name or machine name or type
Receive Hourly and Daily Internet Usage Graphs
Track non-web protocols like Napster, and other File Sharing applications

Minimum Requirements:
Pricing starts at $75.00/mo and includes 24/7 monitoring/updating/off-site backup of your configuration to our data center. Any PC with 1 or 2 gigs of RAM and 2 NICS will work, but we recommend our "hardened" Blaskguard appliances which start at $795.00.