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Are you tired of working at a company where you have stopped learning, stopped growing, or ceased to have an impact? If this describes you, then we’d like you to take a look at DCG Technical Solutions, the premiere managed IT service provider in Greater Los Angeles. You bring the natural talent and aptitude, and we will get you up to speed on the latest server virtualization technologies, remote access and cloud solutions, along with premise and cloud based business continuity solutions. At DCG you will become the well-rounded and accomplished network engineer you have always wanted to be. You’ll love how much more interesting your work can be because you will recommend and work directly with CEO’s and “C-Level” management employees at our client sites.

Build Your Future with Us
Work for a company that rewards you for your successes and eagerness to learn new technologies. DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. strives to match the job to your current skill set. We have over 20 years of experience providing technology solutions and managed IT services to companies based in Los Angeles and beyond.

Why Join DCG?
Become part of a team that is comprised of all skill levels. We pride ourselves on our ability to share, learn and support each other on the latest technologies. We accomplish this in our “Monday-Wednesday-Friday Huddle” meetings, where each engineer has a chance to go over the prior day and get help with challenging IT issues. At DCG you will have a direct relationship with a management team that cares about you and the goals you strive to reach in your professional life

Our employees are offered excellent benefits which include health/dental/life insurance, and we have a program designed to help with retirement.

Envisioned Future
With the help of skilled engineers and a caring office support staff, DCG will be the number one provider of outsourced IT and private cloud services to small and medium sized business in Los Angeles County.


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