IT Talk – Getting Ready for Windows Vista

Vista is worth the wait

At last. Microsoft is finally going
to launch their long-awaited Windows
Vista on January 30, 2007.

Some of you may already be using Microsoft’s
new Internet Explorer 7, which resolves many of the security issues that
have plagued Windows for years, and offers features that have made Firefox
popular, such as tabbed browsing.

Vista will have all these features and
more. Windows will take these features beyond Internet Explorer and make
them system wide. To experience some of these new features, click here
for an online demo.

Microsoft has created a Windows Vista
Upgrade Advisor RC and you can check if your Windows XP-based PC can run
Windows Vista by downloading this program.

If you buy a new PC within the next
few months, chances are you’ll be offered a coupon redeemable for an upgrade
to Vista when it becomes available. Pay close attention to the version
you’re being offered.

Microsoft has three consumer versions
of Vista. Only the Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate have the flashy
new visual tricks, such as semitransparent window frames. If your upgrade
coupon is only good for the Vista Home Basic version, you may be disappointed.

Business versions of Vista are also
available as Vista Ultimate and Vista Business.

To get the most out of Vista, you’ll
ultimately need a computer that’s built to work smoothly with the system.
The best you can do right now is buy a computer that will be upgradeable
to Windows Vista.

So the bottom line is this: If you want
a Vista computer, you’re better off waiting for the real thing.

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