Cool Stuff – Take an MIT or UCLA Class on Your Way to Work

Some say that a 2 hour round trip drive
each day can give you the equivalent of a semester of college in less than
a year.

This may be literally true, if you listen
to the podcasts now offered by most major universities. Princeton, Harvard,
UC Berkeley and others offer podcasts of their professors' lectures.

Podcasts are often geared towards students
who need help studying for exams or want tips on campus life. Some require
that you work or enroll in the university.

But most of the universities recognize
that learning continues for the rest of us, and they offer free lectures
that are useful for everyone.

Not surprisingly, digital and technology-related
topics make up the lion's share of available podcasts. But there's an eclectic
mix of other subjects for the lifelong learner in you, as well as a lot
of business lectures that could prove immediately useful.


has a special iTunes
page with music, lectures and tips on Duke life. You'll need iTunes to
gain access. Some podcasts are only available if you're associated with
Duke University, but many are free to the public.

of California at Berkeley

These recordings are primarily used by students to study before exams,
but they're great if you want to brush up on your organic chemistry. You'll
also find audio and video of some campus lectures and events. Podcasts
come as downloadable MP3 audio, streaming audio and some streaming video.


While access to
some of these materials is restricted, Stanford has a public site which
includes Stanford faculty lectures, learning materials, music, sports,
and more.


saves you from driving through


traffic with "BruinCast." Streaming audio and video, and downloadable
MP3s bring you course lectures and some events on the UCLA campus. The
UCLA Office of Instructional Development sponsors these podcasts.


has a wealth of
classroom audio recordings for students. RSS feeds are available for all
courses, but some courses require a Purdue login.

Listing of all educational sites:


has a list and links
to the most popular podcasts from big name schools like MIT, Brown, Georgetown,
and Johns Hopkins.

Some of the more challenging coursed

Ancient Texts:


has podcast many classical
texts in the original Greek or Latin. If you're into this, you can select
a natural speed or a slow "study speed" that emphasizes word
groups. Study guides and modern news (in Latin!) are also available.

Systems Engineering

: If you
ever get the urge to build your own private jet, this comprehensive course,
designed by several top MIT professors, will get you started.

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