Cool Stuff – Rock and Run with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike and iPod: the inevitable combo?

If you walk or run, you probably already do it with music. But now Nike and Apple have teamed up to take your exercise to the next level. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit not only pumps out the tunes to keep you running, it practically acts as a personal trainer.

Just attach the transmitter to the dock connector of your iPod nano, slip the sensor into your favorite pair of shoes, and you’re ready to go.

The iPod nano will ask you to enter your weight and to choose a PowerSong that you’ll be able to play at the touch of a button when you’re getting tired and need some inspiration.

During the workout, the system will tell you how far and fast you’ve gone, and how long you’ve been at it. When you’re done, it will tell you your time, distance and average speed, as well as how many calories you’ve burned.

Now for the fun part. Plug in the iPod nano and start up iTunes.

You’ll have the option of logging onto, where you’ll see your time, speed and distance plus exactly when and where you turned on your PowerSong. You’ll get several options for recording, viewing and analyzing your data, so you can set goals and track your progress over time.

Best of all, you can become part of an online community, where other users encourage and challenge each other. You can create virtual track meets and other friendly competition. You can even find out what some of the world’s best athletes are listening to while they work out.

While Nike shoes are specifically designed to hold the sensor, users report that you can slip it between the shoelaces and the tongue of almost any shoe without seriously affecting its accuracy.

Unfortunately, the Nike + iPod Sport Kit only works with the iPod nano. If you have the shuffle or the mini you’re out of luck.

Overall, for $29 this is a great little gadget that might improve your health, too.

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