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Internet Explorer 7 Now Available for Download

Microsoft is about to release their new platform, Vista, in the last quarter of this year. There’s also a new version of Internet Explorer, IE7. But you don't need to wait for Vista to get IE7.

Besides the clean, sleek, and streamlined features, IE7 offers lots of extra security features against pop- ups and spyware. A proactive system warns you of suspected phishing sites, and IE7 gives you a lot of new browsing and printing freedom as well.

We’re not just telling you about this as a teaser. If you have XP, you don’t have to wait to use the new Internet Explorer 7. Several of us are already using it, and it’s very stable.

One of the best features of Internet Explorer 7 is Tabbed Browsing. You can view multiple pages in a single browser window. Tabs at the top of the frame make it easy to quickly move from one page to another.

You can even organize these tabs into groups, and set a group as your home page so that when you open Internet Explorer you open your chosen web pages automatically.

IE7 gives you a lot more control over printing web pages, too. It scales the web page you want to print, so it’s never wider than the piece of paper you’re printing it on. You can also set it to only print selected text.

Even though IE7 is still in beta, several of us are using it as our main browser with Windows XP, and we’re having no problems. You can download the beta version of IE7 here for free.

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