Ask The Answer Guy – Crowded System Tray Problem

A lot of applications I never use are
crowding my system tray. How can I stop them from running automatically,
and get their icons out of my tray?

Fortunately it's not hard to de-activate
these unnecessary applications. And you can still open them in the future,
if you ever choose to use them.

The one that gets the most complaints
is Windows Messenger. To stop it, click on Settings | Control Panel from
the Start menu. Click on Administrative Tools and then double-click Services.
Scroll down until you find Messenger, double-click it, and click Stop.
From the drop-down menu in the "Startup Type" field, select Disabled.

pIf Real Player keeps running when you
don't need it, right-click the icon. Click on Set Real Message Center preferences...
and uncheck all the boxes. When the "Warning!" screen comes up,
click "Yes."

pTo remove the Apple QuickTime icon from
your tray, right-click it. Select QuickTime Preferences and click Advanced.
Uncheck the box marked Install QuickTime icon in system tray.

For other applications, click Start
| Run... Type in msconfig and click OK. Click on the Services tab and uncheck
the boxes of the programs you don't want. Click "OK" and the
changes will take place the next time you reboot your PC. Warning: Be very
careful when doing this. If you disable the wrong program you could create
serious security and/or performance issues.

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