IT Talk – Which ISP is the Fastest?

Are you using the fastest ISP?

The speed of different Internet Service Providers (ISP) has always been tough to compare and test, because browsing involves downloading lots of different files as individual “pieces.” The number and size of these pieces is constantly varied.

On top of that, your own browsing experience is dictated by how quickly your computer can process and display all the pieces.

And then speeds can vary at different times due to many different factors.

Although a T-1 line is the best internet option available, it is not the most affordable option, costing several hundreds of dollars per month.

This summer, PC Magazine did a vast study to find the “best” ISP (i.e., usually the fastest under most circumstances) starting at under $100 per month. Using a downloadable program, thousands of users participated in this daunting quest to find the quickest ISP.

Here’s what they found, in a nutshell:

If you have access in your area, Verizon fiber service leaves all other ISPs in the dust. After more than 2,000 tests, the average speed was 293 Kbps. Fiber optics will probably be more widely used in the future, but for now the technology isn’t available in all areas.

In general, the fastest cable ISPs beat the speediest DSL, but AT&T Yahoo!, the hands-down speed champion of DSL, actually beats most of the cable providers.

So if you’re willing to pay more for cable, go with Adelphia or Comcast. If you have DSL, AT&T Yahoo! will give you the quickest browsing experience.

You can check out the results of the fastest ISPs by region here.

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