Security Corner – Step Up Your Password Security

4 Steps to Password Security

If you use a common word for your password, your data is vulnerable. Passwords that are in the dictionary can be guessed in seconds by modern code-breaking software. Random letters aren’t much better—they can be cracked within 2 days.

For better password security, you should consider all of the following:

  1. Use mixed-case alphanumeric passwords (random capital and lower-case letters mixed with numbers) that are at least 12 characters in length.
  2. Use a second form of authentication such as number generators and smart cards, whenever this option is available. Consider switching to a bank that offers this feature, if your current bank does not.
  3. Use a different password for each of your most critical accounts. That way, if someone breaks into your bank account, for example, your email will still be safe.
  4. Store your passwords in a trustworthy vault. Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari all have secure password managers.

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