IT Talk- Downgrading Back to Windows XP Pro.

Despite last year's release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, we are still recommending the continued use of Windows XP Pro to our business clients. Many bugs and annoyances were addressed,but there are just too many stability problems and compatibility issues with older software that plague accounting departments and general business work-flow. These, along with some hardware compatibility issues and general instabilities, keep the operating cost of a Windows Vista network higher than we would like to see our clients dealing with. Unfortunately, Vista comes standard on almost all new computers; you will need to specifically ask Dell to "downgrade" you to XP Pro and there is even a small additional price for the option.

Windows XP Pro continues to be valuable to most business situations, so there will be no problem hanging on to it until the release of Windows 7 (the successor to Vista) is released and proves itself. We will be testingthe Beta version of Windows 7 this Spring, or whenever Mircosoft decides to release it, and we are hopeful that they will get it right this time.

If you have already purchased Windows Vista or a new computer that came with it and wish to downgrade to Windows XP, take a look at this excellentstep-by-step guide to downgrading from Vista to XP

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