Information Security Breach – Keep Your Company Data Safe!

I'm sure nobody has to tell you this, but
keeping your company's data secure is important. This is why I am taking
a moment to outline a few ways you can keep things tightened up around
the office without worrying too much about employee turnover or any other
factor interrupting your business.

  1. Use different passwords EVERYWHERE.
    If your e-deposit machine password is the same as the password for your
    time clock and exchange server, people will notice. It is easier to remember,
    which is both the good and the bad thing. It will be easier for anyone
    trying to get confidential information from your company to guess the password
    you have a habit of using. Combat this with a password vault of some kind.
    We recommend Password
    , a free utility that
    requires you to remember a master password in order to gain access to its
    database of passwords for your online accounts, servers or anything else
    you wish to store. Take a look at the October 18th, 2008 article we posted
    in the Security Corner section of this blog for more info.
  2. When an employee leaves,
    delete them!
    We are very strict about our procedures with our clients
    when it comes to terminating an employee. Not only is it smart to delete
    the user immediately, but add his / her login information to a "deny
    access" group if applicable. Regardless of whether the employee is
    leaving on good terms, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Stop ignoring your security
    As your first line of defense, your security logs will point
    out bad password attempts, unknown username errors, and many other events
    that should raise alerts to someone trying to gain access to your data
    that should not have it. Randy Franklin Smith has published a website
    that clearly defines almost all Windows Security Log Events

    to help you decipher the activity on your server. Pass this info on if
    your system Admin is not already monitoring for you.
  4. Patch and update your computer
    as often as you can.
    If you are a DCG St. Bernard customer, you do
    not have to worry about this one. We do this automatically for all of your
    covered machines and we only install the the updates that are "white-listed"
    (or pre-approved) for you hardware / software environment. For those who
    aren't as fortunate, Keeping your operating system up-to-date is the number
    one method of staying protected from exploits that aim to compromise your
    data. Using products like Microsoft
    Baseline Security Analyzer

    or heading over to Secunia
    are the best ways to stay current.

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