Ask The Answer Guy – Sync Bookmarks Across Browsers.

Brent - I use Firefox, IE and Safari about equally and hate having to open a second browser if I need to get onto a website that is not bookmarked in the browser I am already in. Is there any way to get around the inconvenience?

I have three PCs with Internet Explorer and Firefox on each and it really is a frustrating experience not being able to get anywhere I want on any machine I happen to be at. I have tried quite a few solutions, but eventually found a free service that completely ended my predicament. It is called Xmarks and it is an enhanced searching / bookmarking service that can synchronize your bookmarks on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and even Chrome. All it takes is a 30-second free sign-up on the website and then a quick download for each of the browsers you use. Because Xmarks stores and backs up all of your bookmarks, you can see them from any of your computers that have the program installed. There's never a reason to go without all of your bookmark information again.


Aside from syncing and backing up bookmarks, Xmarks (formerly "foxmarks") can save web passwords for you; think about never having to worry about login credentials no matter where you are or whose computer you are using! Other built-in conveniences include site previews that drop down when you type in the address bar and a smart search assistant that highlights the top three websites in your search results based on actual traffic. Mouse-over details on these top websites lay out rankings, reviews and other site info. There are quite a few more features than I can talk about here, so check it out for yourself

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