Security Corner – Giving Up Windows XP for Windows 7


Most people never switched to Windows Vista. Even now, eight years after the release of XP and two different versions of Windows later, XP still reigns supreme. At your office you may be wondering if Windows 7 is just like Vista, an update you can live without.

At Dependable Computer Guys our opinion is that Microsoft got it right with this release, fixing many of the problems of Vista and adding several great features. Best of all, upgrading to Windows 7 will give you the latest in security. Here are some key improvements in Windows 7:

Better Security: While Microsoft is currently updating XP with security patches, this won't last forever. With windows 7 you get Internet Explorer 8 pre installed, which is a significantimprovement in internet safety from IE 6, which came with XP. In addition Microsoft has improved their built in security tools to help protect from viruses and Trojans.

Improved Performance: One of the biggest complaints that users had while using Vista was that it was a resource hog. Often when Microsoft releases a new OS the system requirements are increased. Windows 7 bucks this trend, having the same requirements as vista, but it runs faster.

Better Usability: The taskbar is less cluttered than in Vista and handles applications more intuitively. They have also simplified the system tray to keep it free of applications you don't want and to minimize

distracting messages.

If you're still using Windows XP it's time to switch. It's easier and faster to use than Vista and has all of the newest security features. These security features are fully integrated to the OS as opposed to Vista and XP, which have had them pasted on top. To see if your machine can run windows seven download this free tool from Microsoft.

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