Tips & Tricks: Create Studio Quality Audio Files

MP3 files are everywhere, small and quickly made they are very easy to use. For your favorite albums though, you probably still want to pop in a CD to here the richest, most complete sound possible. There is a way to keep the portability and ease of use of MP3 files without sacrificing on quality and it's called FLAC. FLAC has much higher quality audio than MP3 but it's a compressed so that it doesn't take up nearly the space of a CD track.

We have found an easy way to convert your CDs to FLAC with a free program called Exact Audio Copy. Download it here. When installing be sure that the audio format is set to FLAC. During installation you are also able to choose if you want to link EAC with a service called Freedb. It will save you the hassle of manually entering album names and song titles by grabbing them online.

To get your CD rips as accurate as possible you're going to want to install this great add on for EAC called AccurateRip . This plug-in compares the audio files you've extracted from the CD with what other users have ripped for the same CD. If it's not accurate, you may want to consider cleaning or trying a different device to rip the CD. With the help of these two great programs you will be able to listen to your music at its best, anywhere.

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