Cool Stuff – Great New Phones With Unlimited Data

With AT&T eliminating their unlimited data plan, you might be thinking its time to switch to another carrier. All of the other major carriers still have unlimited data plans and they all have a great selection of new phones running Google's Android operating system. Android is rapidly gaining in market share, having recently surpassed the iPhone OS in market share. Because of this developers are increasingly working on apps for Android devices, rapidly closing the gap the iPhone had.

Verizon has a new phone from HTC, the Droid Incredible. Although not offering 4G speeds like Sprint's EVO, it still benefits from Verizon's large and reliable 3G network. You won't drop calls as often as on AT&T. The phone is very similar to the Nexus One which Google itself markets. It benefits from a similar fast processor and large screen. Since this isn't an iPhone you also have flash, albeit in a lite version.

Sprint has a brand new phone to compliment its brand new 4G network, the HTC EVO. Its large screen and blistering download speeds will have you leaving your iPhone in no time. Sprint also hasn't saturated its wireless and so has less motivation to cancel its unlimited plan like AT&T did. In addition you won't have to compete with as many users for limited network capacity like on the bigger networks. The EVO has a front facing camera as well, making video chatting and taking pictures of yourself easy.

Either of these two options will give you all the data you want, without having to pay per megabyte like on the iPhone.

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