Cool Stuff – Wolfram Alpha

Check out a demo of this cool new search engine here. When most of us want something from the internet we simply type into Google a search phrase. It then returns thousands, often millions of results. Even Google doesn't think you'll want to sift through all of their results, they only give you access to the first 1000 or so results. The sheer volume of information Google spits at you can make it tough to get exactly what you want.

Wolfram Alpha, a new search engine from Wolfram, tries to simplify the searching experience by giving you only information. Say you are trying to open a new branch of your business. You can search demographics of a particular area, such as population in an area. For Anaheim you would search anaheim population 2000, anaheim population 1980. Or say if you wanted to compare sales taxes in different markets where your product was sold, simply type in: sales tax Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. What you get back are condensed, easy to read charts and graphs which tell you exactly what you want to know, without having to search through several different websites.

Besides creating easily readable results, the website can also do most of the functions of Wolfram's Mathematica program, allowing you to use statistical and other interpretations of data. Say you have a commodity that you buy regularly, paper let's say, and you want a rough estimate of the trend of its price. Type in the data points and it will give you an equation, which you can then use to see ballpark future costs. Although the website doesn't know everything it has a wide array of everyday functions that you can easily use, try it out here.

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