IT Talk – Five ways to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation

The debate over cell phone radiation rages on, with each side vociferously protesting that the other one is wrong. In our country, where there are few non-telecom funded studies the prospect of cell-phone radiation is a laughing matter. In Europe, where several studies have linked Cell Phone usage to an array of brain ailments, it is not. France has even recently introduced tough new restrictions on the sale of cell phones to children. While the dust settles it might be prudent to take a few precautions: we have laid out five below.

1) Get a phone that emits less
The amount of radiation that your phone emits is measured by the SAR rating. Your phone's specific SAR rating can be determined by checking the testing report on the FCC's website. It allows you to look up phone's FCC ID, which can be found by checking behind the battery or on newer phones it is often simply printed on the back. Some of the latest and greatest phones now seem to have very high radiation as well, with the iPhone 3Gs and the Motorola Droid topping the charts.

2) Use a Protective Cover
Cell phone radiation is typically let out of your phone in all directions. Pong research has created a phone case that can help at least mitigate the effects of cell phone radiation. It doesn't block the radiation; instead it redirects it away from your head, where most of the noticeable effects of cell phones have occurred. Right now they only have cases for the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Curve, but they are working on new case for different models, like the iPhone 4.

3) Don't Use Your Phone in Poorly Covered Areas
The reason you have poor coverage when you are in the middle of nowhere is that there are no towers nearby. Your phone then has to transmit a more powerful signal to reach these distant towers. This increases the amount of radiation the phone emits. You probably notice this effect already but in a different way, having a dead battery much quicker.

4) Phone Keep Away
The best way to keep radiation away from your body is to keep the source as far away from you as possible. The most obvious way to do this is by using a headset, something you should be doing already, especially here in California. If you don't have that another option is to put the phone in speakerphone mode. Finally you can simply keep your phone in a holster, even if it looks geeky.

5) Text Instead
Text messaging keeps the phone in your hands, at least a little further from your head. There are many phones that offer full keyboards which make texting a breeze. You can also use social networking services, like Facebook or Twitter to keep up with friends.

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