Security Corner – Turn Your Webcam into a security Camera

Are you worried about people snooping around in your office when you are away? Catch thieves and snoops with this free program for your webcam. Although webcams have been around for years, recording from them hasn't been worthwhile, since it can rapidly fill up your hard drive.

This software from Vitamin D reduces the amount of video recording and the formerly daunting task of sifting through all of the video. It does this by allowing you to trigger recording only if the object being viewed is of sufficient size or enters a specified area. This prevents small objects from being recorded, like pets or insects. For example, if you don't want someone getting into a cabinet, you can set it up so that only that area is selected for monitoring. Or if you wanted to see if someone tries to crack the code to your company's safe, set up a camera in your office and monitor only the area that encloses the safe.

The free version lets you use one camera and all of the above features. The two camera system costs $49.00 and lets you use higher resolution cameras and trigger other events in your household, like lights coming on if someone enters the room. For $149 you can set as many cameras up as you would like. While you are away your computer, normally idle, becomes the hub of a relatively inexpensive security system. Check it out here.

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