Can I Use Carbonite or Mozy to Backup My Data?

Absolutely!  We are big fans of these online backup services for personal documents. We think these solutions are great for remote PC's and laptops that are not able to save their files to your Windows Small Business file server. So, for personal photos, itunes, and Word/Excel documents, Carbonite and Mozy are terrific solutions.

With that said, the online solutions DO NOT meet "DCG Baseline for Server Backup" because of the following reasons:

  1. These services can't backup important server files like System State or Active Directory.
  2. Mozy and Carbonite can't reliably backup mail file PST's or Microsoft Exchange.
  3. These services are unable to backup open accounting databases that use SQL and Pervasive.
  4. Restoring entire folders can take days and days since you can only restore 1-2 gigs worth of files per day.  For a server folders that have hundreds of gigs, restores can take weeks and weeks.
  5. Ordering a DVD is possible with some services, but that can also take several days.

So, go for an online service like Carbonite or Mozy for laptops and workstations, but take a look at our server backup and disaster recovery solution called Dependable SafeSTOR (DSS) if you need to backup your file server. DSS keeps "incremental backups forever" locally at your site, so restores are quick, and the latest image of your backup is stored off site at our data centers in Denver and Baltimore. Best of all, DSS runs without any intervention by your employees. Everything is taken care of by DCG.

About Brent Whitfield

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