How Do We Lock Someone Out of Our Server?

When the "incumbant IT company" or a "key IT employee" is asked to leave, DCG is often called in to make sure that the client site is completely secure. DCG accomplishes this by following a 20 point check list that covers remote access to servers, workstations, mail, web, VPNs, and other company IT assets. Because we follow these steps, our clients have never had a breach and, when we are done with our work, you can rest assured that all "open doors" will be closed.

When the termination involves a long term employee, we have a systematic approach to deciding how to handle this person's important vendor/client contacts, "My Documents", and email. We usually give his/her direct manager immediate access to the mail file so that important emails don't get missed, and we set up forwarders and auto responders so that future mail gets handled in a way that suits the client.