Is My Server Still Covered Under Warranty?

Servers that are no longer covered by the manufactures warranty can take much longer to repair than servers that are still on warranty.  Depending on the age of the failed part, out of warranty servers can cost so much to repair that it might be more cost effective to just replace it.  Replacing the server can take several days and clients need to decide carefully before they let their manufacturer's warranty expire.

To help our clients manage warranty expirations, we record manufacture machine service tags and serial numbers. Clients that are on our St. Bernard Managed Care service are alerted before warranty expiration, and we help them decide if and when to extend the warranty.

The server warranty status becomes less important if it is being backed up by the Dependable SafeSTOR backup appliance (DSS). That is because the DSS appliance will let us virtualize any failed server within 30 to 90 minutes -- regardless of how the physical file server failed. For old servers that are too expensive to warranty or can't be warrantied by the manufacturer, this works out great and allows you to use your old hardware until it starts failing. By running "virtually" on the DSS appliance for a few days, you get time to procure a new server and your users can keep working.