Will my servers shut down automatically?

In Southern California, power interruptions are becoming more and more frequent. Everyone knows they need UPSs, but we are noticing on our initial site visits that many are not really configured to "come back" after an extended outage without frustrating downtime and manually powering systems up.

In order to "come back" after a power outage, each server that is being protected needs to have the battery monitoring software installed and running, and the management cable needs to be plugged in. Sometimes we see multiple servers plugged into one UPS, which is fine, but each server still needs to be connected with its own USB cable. Our clients assume that when the power comes back on, their servers will restart automatically. Server auto restarting is a DCG Baseline requirement for our clients so that if the power goes down in the middle of the night then comes back on, all of our clients' servers will automatically come back on and accept logins when their employees arrive to work.

For the servers to come back on after the power is restored, the software (usually APC, Triplite, or Eaton) needs to be configured to do this. In addition to proper software configuration, most server brands like Dell and IBM require that the Bios be configured to "turn on" when power is sensed. If this is not done, you or your end users will need to manually turn on your servers after a power outage, and that costs time and money. So it is best to let DCG configure your servers on our initial site visit to be ready before, during, and after a power outage.

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