Tips and Tricks – Google Alerts Keep Tabs on What is Being Said About You, Your Company, Or Your Products

Tired of checking news sites every five minutes for the latest on what's affecting you and your company's reputation? Google Alerts has you covered. This free service can send news, blogs, videos and other updates to either your RSS feed or your inbox.

First you need a Gmail account. If you don't have one you can get one free at Once you are logged in the next step is to go to Then type in a term that you would like to receive alerts about, like your company's newest product or company's name. You can select how many articles you would like to receive, from 20 to 50 For most of us more is usually better, but if you are viewing it on a mobile device you might want to keep it smaller. The site also lets you opt whether or not to have Google filter the results by quality. You can also chose the frequency that the results come in, from instantly to once a week. Finally you choose whether to receive the results as an email or as an RSS feed. There are plenty of free RSS readers out there, including Google's own free reader. With this done you can keep track of all of your favorite subjects without spending a lot of time

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