We Can’t Have Any Internet Downtime. How Do We Add a Second Connection?

More than ever, small businesses of all sizes rely on an "always up" internet connection. Since even the most reliable internet service providers have some downtime and/or periods of time when their speed is not fast enough, a second connection can really save the day!

The guys here at DCG are experts at adding second internet connections. First you will need a router capable of connecting two internet connections. Happily, these routers have dropped in price significantly and can now be purchased for under $300. Next you will need to order up a second DSL, cable, or T-1 internet connection. That will run you between $65 and $350 per month.

That's the easy part. Then DCG will configure your router so that it will fail-over between the two available internet connections. We will also analyze the relative speeds of each and split your internet traffic between the two connections. We have even had some clients ask that "high priority" users get the fastest, least used connection, while putting everyone else on the slower connection. We will also look at mail, remote access, and off site backup internet utilization requirents in order to devise a plan that will give your users the best speed possible.