How many hours a week will it take to manage my network?

The Dependable Computer Guys "blueprint" for tuning up new sites involves fixing areas of your expensive-to-maintain network and creating a low maintenance environment. Most companies these days have already invested in a pretty good server and network infrastructure. By adding St. Bernard Managed care, DCG's remote monitoring and management tool, we cut the time needed to do routine AV updates and Microsoft patches by nearly one hundred percent. Because this software automates much of the maintenance, your labor costs go down.

We need to see your setup before giving a concrete number of hours per week. Depending on your application mix and user head count, our on site labor hours range from a couple of hours every couple of months to several hours every week.

The hours utilized at a given client site is carefully tracked at DCG. Over time, DCG shares with our clients the DCG Efficiency Target™ for their site. The Efficiency Target metric is how we confirm that our actual hours match up with the amount our client has budgeted.

To learn more about how we use the DCG Efficiency Target  to work within your budget, ask for a free walk-through. We will help you understand how it works.