What is the Best Anti-Virus Solution?

At Dependable Computer Guys, Inc., enterprise level anti-virus (AV) is a baseline requirement. That means every PC that connects to your network must be running AV software and capable of reporting back to a server that is running the Enterprise AV console. This arrangement assures us that all the workstations are, in fact, running the AV client and getting daily updates. For clients that have our St. Bernard Managed Care service, this enterprise level AV protection is free.

What is the best AV solution? What was great a couple of years ago is not necessarily great today. Over the years we have deployed Symantec, Trend, AVG, Bit Defender, McAfee, Sunbelt, and several others. We require that our clients' AV solution has a "small footprint," meaning it won't slow your machine down and must be able to catch the current threats. Since we include AV in our St. Bernard Mangaged care offering, we move you to the best of breed AV solution as needed. You won't be locked into a poorly performing product for a year at a time; this arrangement gives us the flexibility to move you to the "best in class" solution and keep you protected.