Who is Using My Internet Inappropriately and Making It Slow?

One of the major causes of internet slowness in small businesses is inappropriate internet use by employees.  With the limited bandwidth connections that are currently available, small business owners need to set policies that limit or curtail employees use of internet video, radio, music sharing and other high bandwidth sites.

Besides losing valuable internet bandwidth, employers are facing hours and hours each week of lost productivity by some of their employees.  Even good employees can get "tempted" to waste time watching "funny video" emails from co-workers, Facebook invitations or online chat sessions.  Even if your employees do these activities on their break, internet bandwidth is still affected and impacts the employees who are still trying to work.

A comprehensive way of fixing the problem is the filtering "add-on" products that Sonicwall and Cisco sell with their routers.  These solutions are expensive (about $3000.00 per year) and have very limited ability to adjust their rules for different employees.  That's why we developed our own called the Blaskguard Internet Content filter.  For a low monthly fee, you can eliminate access to file sharing, music, movie, and personal email/chat sites.  For management and owners, the rules can be relaxed.  The Blaskguard device can also be deployed in "watch only" mode so you can see who your top 10 internet time wasters are and what they are wasting time on.

By preventing all of this unauthorized internet access, your employees will be more productive and your internet speeds will be fast again.  Blaskguard plans start at just $75.00 per month.

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