Cool Stuff – Apple’s iOS 5: The Best iPhone OS Yet

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the iOS 5 upgrade is an absolute must. This revision is so jam packed with features, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

It's free for the first 5 GB, however for 10 GB or more you'll pay a yearly fee. Worth it? You decide:

Top 10 Reasons to get iOS 5

1. Notification Center. Now more robust, you can better manage your email, texts, friend requests and more all in one convenient location.

2. Safari. With improved performance, Safari's tabbed interface offers ad-free web articles and a reading list that lets you save articles on all your devices.

3. PC Free. Computer no longer needed: iCloud handles all of the synching and backups for you.

4. Find My iPhone. If you lose your iPhone, don't worry. This feature helps you locate the lost device on a map, by playing a sound or displaying a message.

5. Camera & Photos. Now you can use the volume buttons to snap your photos, crop, rotate, enhance and remove red eye without leaving the photo app, and push all your pictures to your other devices.

6. Mail. Revamped to let you flag important messages, add or delete mail folders, and format text all with the swipe of a finger.

7. Wi-Fi Sync. Wires are becoming a thing of the past. Now you can sync your iOS devices with your PC or MAC over Wi-Fi.

8. Calendar. Get an entire year's view on iPad and a week-at-a glance on iPhone. iCloud lets you share calendars with others and keeps your dates in sync on all your devices.

9. Reminders. You'll never forget to do a task. Since its location based, your device will know which company parking lot you've just pulled into, and it will remind you to visit a specific person at that company!

10. Newsstand. Your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions can be organized all in one folder.

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