Security Corner – More Productive Employees are a Result of Web Filtering

Network firewalls and antivirus software are staples of any business place. But a third and equally vital safeguard has become just as important: Web filtering.

Over 41 percent of small businesses, as well as two-thirds of large companies, use web filtering, according to research firm IDC. At its most basic level, a web filtering tool blocks certain URLs that companies don't want employees drifting onto. With the surplus of sites like Facebook and Twitter, companies are in dire need of limiting the usage of its networks in order to keep their employees on task and networks secure and threat-free. web filterers not only stop inbound threats such as spam and viruses, but also outbound threats that can potentially leak confidential information.

Smaller organizations typically start with products that have multiple functions - business-friendly routers with integrated firewalls and built-in unified threat management are best.

One web filtering product I recommend (here comes my shameless plug) is DCG's own BlaskguardTM Internet Filter. On top of getting completely secure Internet content filtering, BlaskguardTM provides daily reporting, including top 10 websites visited by hits or bytes transferred; top 10 violators by user name, machine name or type; hourly and daily Internet usage graphs; and tracking of file sharing applications and non-web protocols. 100% guaranteed-take a look at DCG's Internet Content Filter.

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