Cool Stuff – Amazon’s on fire with the Kindle Fire

Finding the iPad's price tag too hefty? Check out the Kindle Fire, a viable alternative to the iPad at a fraction of the cost.

Priced at a mere $199, Amazon's addition to the tablet market is getting some rave reviews and ranks high on a lot of wish lists. The Fire performs many of the iPad's functions, though on a smaller scale (less memory, shorter battery life, physically smaller, etc.). Built with a 7" screen, it has access to with roughly 8,500 apps and links seamlessly with Amazon's book services and digital music, video, and magazine collection.

The iPad has larger screen, camera, microphone, calendar, maps, GPS and built-in cellular connectivity - none of which is found on the Fire (which is Wi-Fi only). But for those who simply want to check their email, browse the Internet, play games and read books and magazines, the Fire is an excellent, cost-friendly option. Visit for more information.

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