It’s Free – Kindle Lending Library

Got a new Kindle for Christmas? Be sure to take advantage of Amazon's new Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

Amazon Prime members now have free access to over 5,000 Kindle e-book titles from 11,000 U.S. libraries. Using Amazon's Whispersync wireless network, members can borrow one book per month by going to the "Kindle Owners' Lending Library" section of the Kindle Store on their Kindle device. Books that are available to be borrowed have a Prime badge next to them and also appear when browsing the Kindle Store. Borrowed books can be downloaded to any Kindle device connected to your Amazon account (but not to any smartphone or PC apps).

Highlights, notes and bookmarks can be used in borrowed books - they will be stripped when the loan expires, but will be saved to your Amazon's account should you ever borrow the book again. When the loan on your current book is about to expire, Amazon prompts you to return the book and select a new one.sdfdgdfgdfdf

Participating libraries can be found by searching OverDrive, a full-service digital distributor of digital content.

Make sure you don't cancel your Prime membership - all access to any borrowed books on your Kindle will be lost.

Go to Amazon to learn more.

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