Cool Stuff – The Best Android Phone Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

Word on the street is that users of Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy Nexus, are experiencing the best Android experience ever. Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, has breathed new life into an already lively platform.

Galaxy Nexus’s highlighted features include:

  • Face Unlock (lets you unlock your phone just by looking at it)
  • Easy-to-read data usage (limits on data usage; instant access to current usage)
  • A panoramic camera
  • Ability to have multiple web pages open at once
  • Improvements to auto –correction and touch recognition
  • Voice dictation of emails and texts

While not necessarily better than the iPhone as a whole, the Galaxy Nexus does have a faster camera with higher resolution, as well as more RAM, than the iPhone. And don’t let its colossal screen fool you – the phone is wide but lighter and thinner than the iPhone.

Check out Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus at

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