It’s Free – Manage Your Finances with Mint

If you're looking for a free, easy to use online budgeting tool to manage your finances, you'll find it with

A viable alternative to the pricey Quicken, this personal finance program categorizes your checking, savings, credit cards, PayPal, investments, retirement accounts and other personal accounts in one convenient place.

With you can categorize your finances onto pages such as:

*Overview - a snapshot of your monthly budget

*Budget - where Mint tracks your spending and suggests a budget based on previous spending

*Transactions - a list of the transactions from all of the accounts you've linked to Mint

*Goals - a way to track your progress on important financial steps. Mint offers different goals to set, including paying off credit card debt or saving for an emergency. Goals can also be customized.

*Investments - The one downside to - this program is for budgeting, not investing. While you can track investment accounts in Mint just like a bank account, Mint does not provide any features to help with asset allocation and doesn't break down investments by asset class

Named the best online personal finance tool by Money Magazine and PC Magazine, and is PC World's Editor's Choice, Mint is worth a look. Check it out at

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