Security Corner – Manage Your Passwords the Easy Way

Obviously, it is imperative that you create passwords that are virtually unhackable. Password management software can help you do just that, avoiding the risk of login and account information theft leading to a stronger sense of computer security.

LastPass is easy to set up and use, and performs well while working on Windows, Mac, Linux and most smartphone platforms. It automatically populates and submits credentials to a Web site with no clicking involved, and provides analysis of your existing passwords for weaknesses and an option to automatically delete passwords stored insecurely by your browsers. It stores a local copy of your data on all mobile and personal computing platforms and protects with two-factor authentication. This software is reasonably priced: free, or $12 per year for the LastPass Premium subscription.

One drawback to LastPass is that it requires your user account ID to be your e-mail address, which can be easily guessed by an intruder. A very strong, unguessable master password should be used as a result.

1Password is another good solution for Macs - easy to create and maintain data with very little clicking required. The browser pop-up in the Windows version is still in beta, however, and isn't quite as easy to use as the toolbar in the Mac version. The 1Password application is all around easier to use on the Mac than in Windows and is not compatible with the BlackBerry.

Click here to download LastPass . Click here for 1Password.

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