IT Talk – Windows 8 is on the Way

Windows 8 won't be officially released until October 26, but the Windows 8 preview is available now. Here are the beneficial features that we can look forward to:

*Windows To Go - lets you fit an entire PC environment (all of its apps, settings, and files) onto a USB thumb drive or a portable drive

*A Windows environment that is tablet friendly

*Recovery options to more easily reinstall Windows

*Faster boot times

*New network authentication types for easier connection

*New and enhanced networking features for administrators

*AppLocker (control the running of Packaged apps and Packaged app installers)

*Simpler deployment of BranchCache and DirectAcces

*BitLocker (encrypts hard drives faster)

*Client Hyper-V (offers the same Hyper-V virtualization capabilities that will be available in Windows Server 2012). So it is easy to run virtualized versions of Windows XP or Windows 7

Do a Windows 8 search or click here for the full Windows 8 preview.

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