Ask the Answer Guy – Where Can I Easily (and Quickly) Find the Best Items For the Best Prices?

Dear Brent,

Whenever I attempt to shop for a new tech device, I am utterly overwhelmed by all the choices that are out there. Is there an easy way to weed through the chaos and whittle the choices down to the best items for the best prices?

There are very useful websites out there that will help you shop for the highest-rated products, most current versions, best prices, reputable retailers and possible coupons. These sites avoid the chatty, information-overloaded reviews and take you straight to the short lists of what's best. simply tells you which product is best in particular categories. To quote the site's creator Brian Lam, "Consider it a Billboard for electronics; a Casey Kasem Top 40 if Casey Kasem were a geek; a wink and a nod to those engineers who have built something wonderful. The point is to make it easier for you to buy some great gear quickly and get on with your life." The site also goes so far as to warn buyers not to buy a particular gadget just yet when the release of a newer version is anticipated soon.

Similarly, lets you search for tech products and discover whether one is about to be replaced by a newer version, as well as whether the price may go up or down. This site uses many algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to gather pricing data, articles and blog posts in order to forecast a product's life span and price. It can also help you find good retailers.

To be absolutely sure you're getting the lowest price out there, try Invisible Hand, a free plug-in for Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers. If you look at a product page and that product is priced lower elsewhere, Invisible Hand will alert you with a discreet notification about where that lower price can be found.

Finally, if there's a coupon to be found, make sure you find it with sites such as and Coupon Cabin.

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