Cool Stuff – A brighter Kindle with Paperwhite

For those of you who think the e-reader is headed toward a certain death, with tablets dancing on its grave, think again.

E-Reader makers are improving their products with front light technology that makes reading much easier at night. On the heels of Barnes and Noble's release of its own paper white edition, Amazon has released Kindle Paperwhite.

In addition to the front lighting, Paperwhite delivers a higher-quality, easier-to-read display with more pixels and higher contrast, therefore providing more font sizes and styles and a more readable text. The new lighting technology, along with whiter pages and a more streamlined, tablet-like design with nearly no buttons, has reignited the e-reader craze, with quality surpassing Paperwhite competitors. Another welcome addition is the "Time to Read" feature, which estimates how many minutes it will take the reader to finish the book (replacing the previous "location number"). The Paperwhite is priced at an affordable $199 and is a first-class e-reader.

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