Get Email Archiving onto Your RADAR

Today’s business owners have come to rely on email so heavily that it's essential their email is protected and its operation smooth and continuous. Too often, email systems are overloaded with enormous amounts of data, spam, viruses, and service interruptions that can greatly threaten the safety and accessibility of their email files.

This is where RADAR comes in. RADAR is a hosted cloud service from Reflexion that is directly linked with the hosted email security service Reflexion Total Control (RTC). It provides email archiving that ensures the protection, preservation and continuous operation of your businesses' email communication while providing 24/7 on-demand email access from any location, via any browser. It scans all email and attachments for spam and viruses (and eliminates them), indexes your emails for search and rapid retrieval, then encrypts them in the active archive for secure, long-term retention. As long as you have an active internet connection you can access your email anywhere - even while your mail server is down!

RADAR's web interface makes it easy for users to find and retrieve email and attachments, and its active archiving automatically stores a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal email in a secure, encrypted repository indefinitely. RADAR Lite, the smaller cousin of RADAR, is a rolling 60 day archive that provides the same benefits at only a fraction of the cost.

As long as you are already enjoying the benefits of Reflexion Total Control (RTC) you can add RADAR for $8 per user per month, while RADAR Lite is only an additional $2 per user per month.

System failure is a real possibility for any business, and complete protection of all email communications is vital. Visit Reflexion's website to learn more about RADAR.

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