Cool Stuff – The Tesla Model S Electric Car

The Tesla Model S, a luxury, full-sized electric sedan, was named the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year for many reasons such as advanced design, efficiency and safety. But there's one thing the Motor Trend judges were particularly impressed with: It's computer.

The Tesla's instrument panel is made solely of a giant 17-inch touch screen which boasts the car's advanced design. Via its 3G wireless capability, this touch display allows you to use anything the Internet offers: Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook - you name it. The driver can customize the large screen by splitting it in any way, then use it to control literally each one of the car's functions by swiping from a menu at the top of the screen. The Set-up screen displays an identical image of the car and alerts the driver if there's an open door, which lights are on or off, etc. Nearly everything else, such as air conditioning, sound system, door locks, etc. is controlled by tapping the screen.

At a starting price of $52.4k, this button-free car obviously doesn't fall into the Economy class. But the system sets it apart from the rest and is a true symbol of contemporary technology.

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