Security Corner – Don’t Let your PC or Mac Fall Victim

Attention PC and Mac users: This applies to all of you.

Important updates have been released by both Adobe and Oracle to fix major security issues with their software. Oracle's Java plugin, as well as Adobe's Acrobat and Adobe Reader, were recently subject to hackers belonging to an Eastern European ring, with as many as 40 companies falling victim to the Java security breach on both Macs and PCs.

Those using Java on Windows systems are advised to remove Java altogether, or at least unplug it from the browser most often used. It is recommended that if you must have Java installed on your computer, install it on a separate browser that you will only use when the Java plug-in is necessary. Make sure you're using the most updated version, which is Java SE 7 Update 15 or Java 6 Update 41. But first, find out if you have Java installed by visiting, then click "Do I Have Java?" If you do have it, update it by clicking the Update tab, then click "Update Now."

Macs are current on security patches thanks to an update from Apple, which disables the Java plug-in from the system's browsers. Any possible Java-related Malware can be removed from Macs with Apple's malware removal tool.

Also current on security patches for both Mac and PC is Adobe's Reader XI, with the most recent version 11.0.2, and Reader X at version 10.1.6.

Firefox users can rest easy with a new version of the browser that has its own PDF viewer, allowing users to bypass plugins that could expose the machine to threat.

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