Lessen Your Load with Vendor Management Services

Lessen Your Load with Vendor Management Services


It goes without saying that your business is successful thanks to the multitude of IT vendors you work with every day: your Internet service provider, computer equipment company, website developer, domain host, phone guy, copy guy...the list goes on and on. It also goes without saying that eventually one of these services will go wrong, causing you to spend valuable time calling and managing these vendors when you should be managing your business.

This is where Vendor Management Services comes in.

Did you know that DCG Technical Solutions provides Vendor Management Services, allowing us to manage every single one of your technology vendors for you? When trouble arises, simply contact us, create a trouble ticket, and we'll deal with your troubled service from there. No problem is too big or small - we'll work with your vendors until the problems are fixed, freeing you up to focus on your business.

We'll manage all of your technology-related vendors, including those who provide:

  • Software
  • Computer equipment
  • Internet Service
  • Website development
  • Domain hosting
  • Telephone systems
  • Security
  • Network scanners, copiers & fax machines

Contact us today and ask about how our Vendor Management Services can take the management of your vendor relationships off your hands.

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