Cool Stuff – Nokia’s Latest: The Lumina 928


Nokia’s newest release, the Lumina 928, is so cool that it is the first Windows phone to be featured in our newsletter.

Remember the early days of cell phone technology? Everyone owned a Nokia phone but eventually abandoned them as the company embraced what became antiquated Windows mobile operating systems. Fast forward to the Nokia of today. The Lumina 928, boasting Microsoft’s new, highly functional Metro interface, exemplifies how Windows phone technology has come into its own; Forbes calls it “as relevant as handsets like the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4."

What sets this well-built phone apart from the rest is its top-of-the-line camera and video functionality. The PureView camera has Carl Zeiss® optics which makes “shaky cam” a thing of the past, and its Xenon flash produces brighter, crisper, better quality photos than the LED flashes found in other phones. Photos and videos have a quality feel that rarely – if ever – comes from a camera phone.

Unfortunately, Nokia’s Lumina 928 is solely available to Verizon customers with a two-year contract. (AT&T customers can use the Lumina 920, and T-Mobile is about to release their own version called the Lumina 925). Yet its $99.99 price tag after a mail-in rebate makes the Lumina 928 cheaper than any iPhone and Android device. And Microsoft further sweetens the deal by offering a $25 gift card for its app store with purchase of the phone.

Take a look at this video shot with the Lumina 928. It’s outstanding.

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