It’s Free – Reduce Redundancy with Duplicate Cleaner


Every single day, our computer drives are losing more and more space as they become bogged down with files, many of them duplicates. Tackling the job of finding and deleting duplicate files on your own is not only time consuming, but also prone to error and very risky: You might accidentally delete files you should not delete. And while Windows 2012 has a de-duplication program built in, that won't help with local or shared drives.

Thankfully there's a program for this. Digital Volcano's Duplicate Cleaner allows you to organize your files, whether on a personal computer or corporate network, by finding and deleting duplicate files of all types (photos, music, videos, Word or text files, etc.). It offers flexible search parameters and tools that enable you to either approve the deletion of duplicates found or move those duplicates to the Recycle bin or another location of your choice.

Before running this or any disk utility, DCG recommends performing a backup.

Duplicate Cleaner is a must-have in order to free up space on your drive while protecting yourself from accidentally deleting the wrong files. Visit Digital Volcano's site here for a free download.

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