It’s Free – Get Organized with Dia

It’s Free – Get Organized with Dia

Organizational flowcharts and diagrams have long been a staple for both professionals and regular folks trying to organize professional and personal life. But it's expensive to create sophisticated charts, with popular organizational tools like Microsoft's Visio costing upwards of $300. Luckily apps like Visio have met their match with Dia, a free open sourced diagraming software that rivals Visio but costs its users nothing.

Dia's learning curve is small, thanks to its resourceful Help and Quickstart sections and is easy to use, even for all the non-techies. Users easily navigate the program's toolbar and toolbox that allow you to add text, shapes, lines and various objects that result in a complete organizational flowchart or technical diagram. It's also possible to add other objects or shapes that aren't provided by Dia, allowing users to further customize their unique charts. One of Dia's best features is Best Fit which ensures even the largest, long-winded diagrams will fit within a page. The results are of professional quality, even when a non-pro is at the controls.

Dia is a product of The Gnome Project (an international community involving hundreds of volunteer contributors) and can be downloaded from here.

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