Ask the Answer Guy – Is Dropbox still safe to use?

Dear Brent,

I use Dropbox at home, and I'd like to leverage the collaboration features for my business. I've heard about major security flaws with Dropbox. After its recent updates, is Dropbox safe enough for my business?

I can confidently answer yes, Dropbox is safe to use, as evidenced by the fact that we use (and resell) Dropbox for Business here at DCG. It's been reported that Dropbox is the most popular cloud platform, even more popular than Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and we can see why.

Users continue to feel secure using Dropbox after the company responded to the recent security violation by providing an option to require a two-step verification before corporate data can be accessible. We particularly like Dropbox because it allows users to use third-party tools to apply more encryption. The trusty Amazon S3 is its host, and it provides automatic data backups which further reinforces its dependability.

A variety of user controls not only give users access to files, but also let users track how corporate documents are accessed in the cloud, review workers' recent activity, and know which devices and third-party applications workers have used.

Don't hesitate to contact us at DCG with further questions about the security of Dropbox.

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