IT Talk – Windows XP is Retiring. Get Ready to Upgrade.

he world's longest-ever supported operating system, Windows XP, has a retirement date of April 8, 2014, after which date Microsoft will no longer support the operating system. (Also retiring on this date is Microsoft Office 2003.) An unsupported operating system means the end of critical security patches and the start of major vulnerability to malware and viruses.

Because Microsoft anticipates an average enterprise deployment to take 18 to 32 months, the approximately 600 million XP users should run, not walk, to upgrade to the newer Windows 7 or Windows 8 if they want to use a supported system.

In addition to keeping your operating system supported and secure, there are many other reasons to upgrade:

  • XP will be impossible to secure from malware/viruses once Microsoft withdraws security patch
  • XP will not run the applications designed for the current operating systems
  • Hardware running XP is can be up to a decade old and therefore slow and prone to crashes
  • Faster, smoother performance
  • Faster shutdown time
  • More applications

Click here to learn more about XP's retirement and how to upgrade.

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