Cool Stuff – Ford’s Hybrid. Who Knew?

Ford has come full circle, falling back into popularity among drivers both old and young thanks to a slew of new models, particularly its 2013 plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi.

One of our own DCG engineers drives the mid size Fusion Energi and reports that he drives a little more than 30 miles (or 4.5 hours) on a single battery charge, which costs him only $1.70 per day for the charge. When the charge is depleted the car switches to hybrid mode, in which he doubles his gas mileage over a traditional mid size car, getting a whopping 59 mph, driving at an average of 900 miles on a single tank of gas.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates the Fusion Energi with 108 city/92 highway/100 combined MPGe ("miles per gallon gasoline equivalent," a rating designed by the EPA to evaluate the cost of driving on battery vs. fuel). And when compared to the widely popular Toyota Prius, which is considered fairly unattractive and has been called a "slug" by various reviewers, the stylish Energi's power is unrivaled.

Additional savings reaped by Fusion Energi drivers comes in the form of federal and state rebates, which further bring down the price of the car. Starting at roughly $34,000, it's not what you'd call a cheap economy car to start. But the savings are realized daily once you've driven off the showroom floor.

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