It’s Free – Stay Calm and Carry On(line) at

For those of you who are in front of a computer or other device all day and struggle with stress as a result of information overload, may be your daily therapy. is a free website and iPhone app that offers a break in the day of busy execs, gamers or social media addicts who rarely step away from their screens. Relaxation techniques are given in sessions ranging from two to 20 minutes in length and help you physically and mentally unwind to meditative sights and sounds. The guided tours offer a narrator who takes you on your journey to relaxation by calmly explaining which parts of your body and breathing to relax and focus on.

With the iPhone app, you're taken through "The 7 Steps of Calm." The app and first session are free, but to experience all the app has to offer, it's a $4.99 download.

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